Worker Tracking App

Are you affected by work alone regulations and want to be certain your lone workers are safe? Do you also want to minimize your costs and the time it takes to monitor their safety?

What is a Worker Tracking App?

A worker tracking app allows worker trackings to check in regularly and send alerts to request help if they are in difficulty. It may also monitor their location in case of emergency. We believe All workers, management and staff deserve to feel secure during their workday and return home safe at the end of every shift. Not everything has to cost the earth. We created a system that has lower costs and still offers a high level of service.

Ensure Your People Are Safe

Your team can quickly check-in from anywhere using our worker tracking smartphone app, by SMS text, by phoning in on an office or home phone. The App alerts your monitors to missed check-ins with emails, phone calls, sms messages or whichever combination works best for you.

worker tracking smartphone app
worker tracking app uses GPS

Know Where Your Team Are, Even When Your Workers Are On The Move

The worker tracking app uses GPS positioning to pinpoint where your staff are, even when they are on the move. This makes it easy to find them quickly in an emergency. The daily location report also shows you where they have been, which can be used to confirm to your customers, your team are where they are supposed to be.

24/7 Live Operator Monitoring, As You Need It

Our 24/7 call centre handles your missed check-ins and help requests when your monitors aren’t available. But you control when you want Live Monitoring to be on or off. This control significantly reduces your costs.

24/7 call centre

Key software features



The free app allows workers to request help from anywhere in the world with the tap of a finger. It's simple, clean design makes it quick to deploy and easy to support.



The Worker Tracking App have created a lower cost system that offers a high level of service. No long term contracts are required and price is affordable.



The Worker Tracking App use Safety Awards, an engaging way to stay safe. Our system engages employers and employees to put safety at the heart of their workday.



Driving or mid-task? The Worker Tracking App’s system allows workers to update their status or request immediate assistance using their voice, not their hands.

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