Camera Telematics

Intelligent Fleet Management

Extract every ounce of value from your Geotab telematics investment so that you can do the most with your fleet.


We offer intelligent fleet management, supported by the global industry leading advanced telematics device, with daily reporting and monthly consulting to guide improved decisions.


Trojan Telematics is a consultative service that analyses and translates the data derived from your Geotab telematics device.

  • Our team uses their profound knowledge of the Geotab telematics device and software capabilities to drill down into the metrics that matter most.
  • Focusing on your business and needs, we design trended reporting on various fleet management areas.
  • Daily customised reporting and emailed dashboards, trended exceptions.
  • Monthly consulting and recommendations.
  • Customised trended reporting
  • Feedback at a glance: daily emailed dashboards
  • Applied fleet management expertise
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Geotab set-up and change implementation