Real-Time Tracking and Insight

Make driver and cargo monitoring easier than ever before. Our Fleet Management Solution (FMS) includes a dash cam system with a wealth of innovative features. We offer full support as part of our managed service to ensure that you reap all the benefits of your investment.


We supply a sophisticated cloud-based fleet management mobile dash camera with monitoring, real-time feedback and comprehensive reporting by our team of fleet experts. Our control room monitors all events, performs daily fleet health checks, and review videos to compile comprehensive feedback.

  • Records 2-6 HD channels
  • Three camera views
  • Continuous recording
  • Event triggered videos
  • Automated snapshots
  • Auto and manual event logging
  • Trip review
  • Live streaming
  • Cloud-based software
  • Control room as a managed service
  • All-encompassing surveillance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Risk mitigation
  • Driver behaviour insight
  • Increased driver awareness
  • Powerful training tool
  • Enhanced workforce management
  • Improved fleet maintenance
  • Resolve disputes fast and efficiently
  • Lower insurance premiums
Individual features of our dash cam system
  • Our camera offers easy configuration, installation and maintenance requirements. It is user-friendly features and is highly reliable.
  • Road and in-cab lenses are built-in with optional satellite camera that can display fuel tanks, rear and cargo area views. Additional cameras are available.
  • Our systems encrypts all stored and transmitted data. User authentication is required to access the data via our software platform.
  • Digital and analogue I/O triggers can be sent and received between the dash cam and a micro USB port. Multiple integration options with set-up available.
  • Enhanced driver awareness with real-time video output displayed via an in-cab screen.Choose from single or multi-channel views, or set the display to toggle between views intermittently.
  • Low Battery Protection prevents draining the vehicle battery –even during “always on” mode. Configuration for minimal vehicle battery usage according to your specifications (e.g. Ignition status).