Control a relay from the vehicle in real-time


Enhance control and communication with the IOX-OUTPUTM. Fleet managers can send commands directly from MyGeotab to sensors or third-party devices in the vehicle or control a relay from the vehicle in real-time. The IOX-OUTPUTM connects to a controllable relay that will trigger when a predefined condition in MyGeotab is met.

There are numerous use cases, including:

  • Activating audio (buzzers or sirens) or visual (LED) feedback
  • Remotely locking or unlocking doors
  • Connecting to an input on a video camera to tag a frame or clip

The IOX-OUTPUTM supports 1x 12 V/24 V relay. Only one IOX-OUTPUTM is supported per GO device. More technical information can be found in the IOX-OUTPUTM Support Document.

Features & Benefits


Supports 1x 12 V/24 V relay, easy to install with a SPR-RELAYKIT


Ability to control remotely from MyGeotab